Walking the dog is harder with disabilities.

On Halloween of 2018, I got home from school. I just got my pug Bella outside and a older woman with her dog appeared. So I decided to try to pull Bella back inside to wait for the woman and dog to pass. I pulled Bella back to step but Bella literally pulled me closer to woman and dog. Dog was a curly white with black spots. Bella’s leash slipped out of my hand because I have cerebral palsy in my hands and feet. I guess Bella was playfully snapping at the dog. Bella must’ve gotten too close to the dog. The woman thought Bella bit her dog. She was totally fulled out yelled at me. Like ,” Get Your Dog! Get your dog! Get your stupid dog!” I continually said I’m trying to Ma’am.

As I bend down to pick up the leash, the woman hit me hard on my back. I hit her back but not hard. I yelled at her not to hit me. After that, woman and I moved back to my driveway. She started to yell at me again. Like,” Text or call your boss but she meant my mom.”So I pulled out my phone and began to text my mom as I’m telling the woman I can’t because she’s at work.

The woman didn’t care at all. She said,” Call your mom! Call her! I might need your info , I’ll have to go to the vet and then sue you, you’ll have to pay the bill!Hurry up! Just call her up!” She also said that she’ll need my info because she’d have to go to the vet , her dog is injured five or seven times. But like if the dog is injured it’s cause she was holding her dog so tightly. My awesome neighbor Bill heard the fight and asked me what happened. I tried to tell him as well as I could but I was so scared and nervous. Bill tried to calm down the woman. The leash slipped out of my hand again and Bill helped me pick it up as the woman was frantically screaming “Aahhhh!” After one or two minutes. I just walked in the house. I closed the door and locked it. I tried to text my mom as I cried so hard. My mom called me and I told her between cries. As soon as she got home I told the woman hit me hard on my back. She looked at my back and luckily no marks or bruises . The next or the day after next,my mom saw Bill as he saw my mom. Bill told my mom what have happened. A year later, my mom and I saw the woman and her dog. She still hasn’t sued us. On December I just started to walk Bella again. The woman has scarred me for life. I never want to take Bella on a walk alone. Now my mom walks the terrier jack Russell mix mutt Franklin and Bella herself. I walk next to her.

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