Dating is Harder For Disabled People

I’ve only had truly one relationship though I had two boyfriends. I’m only counting the last one I had. He cheated on me with four girls five times. My friend Kyle Chamovitz was so kind enough to inform me that my boyfriend was cheating on me. The four girls’ names were Logan, Natalie, Maria D and Maria V. My boyfriends name was Raymond Brady. Raymond cheated on me with Logan twice. After week after my sister broke up with her boyfriend Mitchell O. I broke up with Raymond because I was done with his promises of not cheating again and he’d change. After a year he tried to convince me that he had changed I didn’t care. It was too care. I thought I blocked him, I found out two months ago I didn’t. So I block his contact. On Instagram and Facebook, he asked to follow me so I blocked him. His friend Moises Holland tried to text me to ask me out. I pretended like I was a different person to get him to stop and then I blocked his number.

As I was saying… a lot of people didn’t want to date me because I have disabilities. It was hard to be denied just because I have disabilities. I hope that you have find a real relationship. And someone will like you even though you have disabilities. I have not really successfully succeeded because I was cheated on and lied to so many times. Anyway I hope that you find someone who is willing to love you and not to cheat on you or lie to you.

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