Two Good Places for Disabled People

The two places I’ve been and I believe are good for people who have disabilities. The first place is Disney World. That is because they’re really nice and assist the disabled people. They’re more accommodating and accepting of disabled people than most places. They’re for the most one of the safest places in the world, the only things you’d have to worry about are alligators and young children falling from a high place. The last place is Woodloch Pines. It’s a place in Poconos in Pa. It’s a family resort and it has a spa. Like Disney World , Woodloch Pines staff are super nice and love to assist the disabled people. They are also very accommodating and accepting of the disabled people. Also for the most part Woodloch Pines is safe, you don’t usually have to worry about wild animals coming in your rooms. You might have to worry about your children hurting themselves during playing or doing the sports. Both have wheelchair accessible rooms. Disney World has wheelchairs, and scooters. But you would have to be one of the first hundred people in the parks to get a scooter but there is usually always a wheelchair.

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