Relationships and Friendships are hard for the disabled people

Relationships and friendships are hard for the disabled people because when you think someone is your friend or partner, they do something that would hurt you or hurt you mentally, physically or emotionally. The person says yes to being your friend or partner and then they ghost you or cheat on you. It makes it hard for you to trust the person or want to be with the person.

When you tell your friend that you had a crush , it doesn’t help if they laugh at you. And it also doesn’t help if they rudely judge you for having a crush on them. Or if they humiliate you in front of everyone and tell everyone that you had a crush on them. Also it doesn’t help if they rudely rejected you.

It would have helped if they told you how they actually felt about you. Also if they have had said that I would if I was single. It also would have helped if they didn’t rudely rejected you , judged you or humiliated you. It would have helped if they kindly rejected you not hurt your feelings or humiliate you.

Another reason why Dating is hard for Disabled people

Another reason why dating is hard for disabled people is that when you tell the person that you like you have disabilities and would need help with a lot of things, they suddenly need time to think. Most of the time it just says that they are trying to think of a way to say no without looking like the bad guy. Some people might not be interested in an actual relationship, they just want hookups and no feelings attached.

Especially if you are disabled and asexual. Most people don’t understand what asexual means, they think it means that you like hookups too much. It actually means you are not interested or comfortable with hookups. It also means that you only like hugs, kisses, holding hands, cuddling, snuggling and being hold with consent. It is very awkward when the people assume you want to hookups because they don’t understand asexual.

Also if you ask the guy you like if they would be interested and willing to becoming girlfriend and boyfriend. And they either say nothing or they say they are not sure yet. You don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing. You guess it’s a good thing because at least they didn’t say no. Especially if you asked them two years ago and you asked someone else too. They said that they would if they didn’t have a girlfriend already. And the other person said that we are never ever ever going to date and that both of you knew that.